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My dad is coming to visit in June.He is from the UK and would like to see redwood trees while he is here in CA. I however cannot go above 6,000ft except in a pressurized plane. I get altitude sickness very badly( i have asthma that does not do well higher than that but, have Dr's clearance for 6,000 ft or lower). I  know I have been to a park with redwoods before by a beach but, I was a small child and don't remember where it was.

I have internet searched for 2 hours so any help with figuring this out or any recommendations ( whether it is the one i remember or not) would be useful. thank you for your time.

The coast redwoods at Redwood National and State Parks are all below that 6000 foot elevation. The best groves are alluvial flats at low elevation near the coast. I don't believe that the park elevation exceeds 4000' anywhere so unless you are driving over the Klamath Mountains to get to the coast, you should be fine.

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