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Ulanigida Wahali wrote at 2012-05-09 03:43:01
You are asking about Captain Robert Benge (1767-1794).  One of Dragging Canoes greatest warriors.  I did find a referrence stating he married old Tassel's daughter (1765-1840).  So Utsi'dsata Corn Tassel (Old Tassel) Uku First Beloved Man would be your 6th ggrandfather.  Your 11th ggrandfather is Opechancenough making Pocahontas your 11 gauntie and her father your 12 ggrandfather.  (ref.  Shawnee Heritage II and look at Pigeon Motoy and Aganunitsi Cornstalk, Wild Potato Clan Anigatagewi.  

ANN wrote at 2013-02-14 19:45:36
Hi. I can contribute a little but I would like to know more as well. Sounds like we are related! My dad and I were at the cemetery today in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and we stopped by George Lowrey's memorial. His wife's headstone says her name was Lucy Benge Lowrey and she died on Greenleaf Plantation in Georgia. I believe she was born in 1776. If this is any help at all, let me know and I can get you actual dates, places. Good luck. Ann Wadley

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