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i recently quit my job to be home with my family.usually this would cause stress in a family but mine celebrated.i was away for four years.i was able to draw unemployment but it is less than half of what i was bringing i as the bread winner so to speak was worried about bills and mortgages and all the other thinks you would this one day in particular i was looking through some photos and noticed how through out the years in all my photos i would be showing the peace sign.iwas a having a blue day and said a little prayer concerning peace for me and my family.minutes and i do mean minutes later the mail ran by my home and i went to the road to get it.when i got to the edge of the road their was a dove a snowwhite dove.which are not native to my area i have live at my present state and county for 42 years and have never seen one turtle doves or whippoorwills yes pigeons yes but a pure white dove first thought was it had been released at a wedding or funeral or something and was trying to catch walked quickly just out of my reach and walked into the highway.a truck was coming so i assumed it would didn't the trucks tires missed it on both sides and it slowly walks back towards me.i am convinced it is sick or an escapee so backed away from the road and was waiting to see what it would do when it looked at me and took flight and flew right by me and landed on my roof.i ran inside grabbed my phone and a piece of bread to coax it down but when i went back out it was gone.or so i thought it had only moved to the top of the house.and was sitting there staring at me .i balled up the bread and through it at the dove and it landed couple of feet away and it barely noticed.i finally got my wife on the the phone she was at work,and was telling her the story the dove puffs up and seems to go to sleep and i am telling her of my prayer when out of nowhere a redtail hawk dives in and grabs it off the the roof and lands about twenty-five yards away.i was shocked my wife could hardly believe it.i did manage a few photos of the dove on the roof and and picked up some feathers.i was so mad at this hawk.i walked toward it as it held down the dove and it stared blankly at me.i got within in 15 feet or so and it carried the dove away.the first thing my wife said was well there goes your peace.

Well, Kevin... your prayer for peace seemed to come at the time of a very natural bit of good luck for the Red Tail. In recent years, now that their populations are rebounding from the devastation of the DDT era, they have also found that semi-rural and even urban environments are a good place to nest. There are several well-documented nests in Manhattan, where the pigeon has replaced the rat as their favorite food! Your white dove was most certainly an escapee or a wedding release. His bad luck helped feed the hawk's family. In that way, your holding the dove for a time made you a help to the hawk! His or her bread-winner so to speak.

I enjoy any raptor sighting, and while it may or may not carry any portents beyond the reality of being exposed to the natural order of predator and prey, I treasure each one, as you should. Best of luck in your journey. Family time is as important as the food we eat and the air we breathe, so really immerse yourself in the healing it can provide, and when the spirit moves you to find a new calling, be ready.

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My primary focus is on Southwester American Indian Nations and their people, but I also have experience in Plains and Northeastern traditions, having engaged in active trade and retail since 1985 and study for most of my life. I am not claiming any expertise at all in the work, techniques, lifeways or crafts that are made by the Native People of Mexico. They are not the same, either linguistically or culturally but certainly their crafts deserve discussion and appraisal by those who are able to provide real information.

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