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Dear Dr. O'Brien,

Thank your for your work. I am an American Indian (Lakota/Shawnee)  
researching Tisquantum and am having a difficult time translating his  
name. From your work, I am understanding that "squantum" means angry.  
I see that Musquantum Manit means Great Spirit is angry. Thus I  
understand that "Mu" might mean "is" or "He"? This causes me to wonder  
what "Ti" might mean as it pertains to Tisquantum. I've searched your  
website and there are over 100 references to "ti". I'm hoping you  
would have a moment to help me translate "ti" so I can put together  
the literal translation of Tisquantum. Or if you have any references  
or other sources to suggest.

With great appreciation for your work,
and with warmest thoughts,
Paula Bidwell

Dear Paula

Thank you for your question on translating "Tisquantum". And thank you for your kind words.

As with so many old Indian words written down by Colonists we struggle with the spellings that are available.  Some times they are way off, other times, much is correct but some syllable(s) have been elided. For example,  Wequapaugset comes down as Boxet.  

  One plausible interpretation is given as "Rage of the Manitou".  That comes from a respectable publication at the Smithsonian.  You can read his entire article.  

Look at this work for a different interpretation that showed how older works showed great religous intolerance.

It is not always possible to do a fined grained etymological analysis on a word like Tisquantum.  The book we did is based on the Algonquina language(s) of southeastern New England.  We assumed  "correct" spellings (and the acholarly community has come to accept)that come from reliable Colonial sources (mainly J. Eliot, R. Williams)

Hope this helps you in your research

Frank Waabu

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