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I've long been a fan of mythology and gods and goddesses. I've collected hundreds of notes and details on the religous figures of Native Americans and how both diverse it is and how parallel it often is. However, I recently watched a segment on TV on Mayan like ruins on Georgia and how the discovery could radically alter our knowledge of American history. We've been told that Native Americans traveled here by way of a Bering land bridge during the Ice Age, but if that was the case, wouldn't all the Native Americans have a single cuture and identical customs? Can you share me your thoughts on this?

It is an interesting question you've hit on. The time-frame of the migration during the last ice age puts nomadic folks from Northern Coastal Asia here between 14,000 and 12,000 years ago. The actual "bridge" was a wide land, and since they were simply following the coast, they were probably not aware they had crossed into anyplace new. They were most likely following game.

That's where my own opinion differs wildly from the accepted theory of how the Americas was settled. If early man migrated out of Africa initially 300,000 years ago, spreading along both East and West of the Mediterranean, eventually settling Europe, Asia and Oceania, then Australia, the time it took those settlers to develop stone masonry, city planning and metal smithing seems in conflict with a late-settled continent that had but 14,000 years to develop parallel cultural mileposts. I believe South America was probably settled from the sea, much earlier than coastal southward migration patterns could estimate. Quite possibly, after civilization had been established to the East.

There is also one other nagging possibility that I wonder about. Is it possible that the "New World's indigenous people developed simultaneously with early man in Africa? Equal but different? The New World also has a diverse number of anthropoid monkey species, not found in other tropical places. It sets up potential answers to many questions, but I believe it is going to take a great deal of time to answer them definitively and to fully exhaust this direction of thinking. It may never be accepted by mainstream science.

Hope this helps.

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