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QUESTION: my 20 year old male friend and i have the animal medecine....a  hawk came close and circled us.  i always had the hawk and now it has included him.    recently he dreamed he was struggling with a coyote cub   it was biting him and he wouldn't let go either.  i respect your opinion and would love it  thanks

ANSWER: Not being familiar with your childhood upbringing, and whether you are part of a Native tradition here, I'll answer this generally. For your friend to dream of coyote puppies, he has to have had exposure to them (in the wild or in video/images, etc.) and created a mental opinion of them. I was taken by his seeing them as something to be held, even in the face of their struggles. It reminded me of the time when the idea of family and children strikes us all, and we are equally attracted and repelled by it. Finally we turn to family as a choice and a direction we decide to follow, and our lives unfold from that point. Even when creating a family is unintentional, adults are given the choice, and the decision to turn towards the strength and love family can provide sets one on a better path than avoiding it.

We've gotten to know many litters of Coyote kits, on our New Mexico property, and love their energetic evening songs. Your seeing the hawk and encircling you both, is for you, to set your mind in a receptive place. Best wishes. Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: i am not native american but was raised next door to the president of the white buffalo council.   i feel a connection to the animal medicine as a result.   my friend is 20 and i am 62   i have fallen in love with him but have never crossed any lines.   it is very difficult and painful...i look to the great spirit for direction friend has also since our hawk encounter had many like hundreds of wild turkeys cross his path...i look for  answers because of my struggle....i appreciate you answering me    i feel somehow you are the right person

Well, Connie -- I may not be able to give you the interpretation you desire. I am not an adherent in any way to New Age use of American Indian traditions, but I do respect that many are seekers, and they may find comfort in teachings outside their immediate upbringing. The turkey sightings indicate to me that you and your friend pass quietly and leave little disturbed when you pass through the natural world. That's important. He is rewarded, because of that, by the turkeys and other animals who do not see him as a threat or predator, but rather as another being they can co-exist with in peace. Those kinds of things bring me a lot of comfort when they occur to me and my family. As far as your situation, you are clearly friends, and you share your approach to the living world. Whether anything more can come of that doesn't really matter, because he is going to need you to teach him what you can from your own experiences, and he will share his youth with you. He may not ever feel the need to express his love to you physically, but it will be there none the less. Relax, enjoy what you have, and keep your eyes peeled for the beauty of encounters with other living things. Hope this is helpful to you.

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