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Large Sand Painting
Large Sand Painting  

Small Sand Painting
Small Sand Painting  
These are pictures of two sand paintings that I have.  The small one is signed on the back by B. W. Benally. The following is also written on the back by the artist in ink:
This is a whirling rainbow.
The dancers are for healing and blessing
The dance that goes around it is
call the whirling rainbow.  May the
good spirit be with our painting.

The large sand painting also signed by B. W. Benally and written in ink on the back is:
These are the dancer for the healing and blessing, dancing around.

Both pictures were received in 1975.  No other history is known about them.  Do they have any value?

Quite a number of younger Navajo "haathaliis in training" (ceremonial singers) have been selling fixed sand practice sandpainting images on board or masonite since the late 1940s. Many of those who produce these are from four or five Navajo chapters near the four corners and near Shiprock, NM. These are critical to the training for specific ceremonial uses. IN a healing ceremony, many of which take several days, the singer will be required to create large size (some over 8 feet in diameter) sand paintings completely from memory. Each healing requires different images which must be produced using sand and pollen pigments, perfectly, by hand. During the end phases of each ceremonial step, the painting is gathered and tossed into the wind, to keep the power. Sandpaintings sold are not ceremonial items, but often incorporate carefully created practice images that are often made "incorrectly" to preserve the power in the image, as only those initiated fully into the Navajo spiritual religion should be allowed to see these images which recount the stories of the "Holy People" and others from their emergence stories. The only other culture that has a highly detailed ceremonial use of such sand images is the traditional Tibetan culture now restricted to Mandala forms. Your paintings would have sold between $65 and 195.00 in 1975. Hope this helps.

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