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5 years or so i think i had a vision. That day i argued with my highschool sweetheart and i left the house to cool off,so i went to a place where we first met. I was mad and cryin and was tired of being this way towards her so i took out a cigarette and prayed for the first time in a longtime.I prayed for help,the truth and to show me a sign if the spirits were truely there! Then when i looked up to the clear blue sky,suddenly a small cloud appeared out of nowhere,so i closed my eyes again for a minute.When i looked up again to the sky that same little cloud had turned into a perfect"horse-face with rainbow hair!" I was straight sober that day and i couldnt believe it but it was right there above me!It was windy that afternoon but it just stayed in one spot that whole time i stood there,and after that day i never doubted again that the spirits are real! All my life i lived backwards doing my own thing and this was the first time i have ever seen anything spiritual,what does it mean?Was it a vision or something else?

Since all visions (or the significant, spiritual kind at least) are so very personal, it is truly impossible for me to advise you as to the validity of your experience. That's your job. If it was significant to you, given your emotional and mental state, and it helped you achieve clarity and a sense of re-dedication, then it was as authentic as anything we humans can experience, no matter what we call it. Of course, quest visions, are often preceded by extreme hardship and physical denial. Food, water, sleep, all are often deprived to put the seeker in a position to be receptive. Science might just describe it as a collection of symptoms based upon the physical condition, but no matter. If the results shed light on what can be a murky, groping in the dark for the seeker, then it is authentic and healing. Sought visions and dreams can also reveal all kinds of insights if we calm ourselves down so we can hear. The symbolism in them both can contain more clarity than mere words, depending upon the seeker's needs.  

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As a direct reservation trader in all aspects of American Indian arts since 1985, I've answered questions regarding cultural property issues, origins of traditional crafts, materials and techniques, collecting, authenticity, symbols and, of course, repairs! We have operated a retail gallery since that time, bricks and mortar until 2007 and online since 1996. Our online operation closed in 2/2015, to allow me to finally write full-time. My writing site can be found at I'll be adding a book or two from our trader experiences under the pen name of W.T. Durand and the rest of my fiction is under my own name. We are not "New Age" practitioners of adopted American Indian religious ceremonies or combined philosophies. If you are seeking such knowledge for spiritual reasons, we will only provide answers that address factual information on these subjects. Unless one is raised in a traditional, American Indian family with language, culture and religious belief intact, we don't believe that simply applying the trappings or cultural property of a given traditional group will give a non-Indian (Native if you prefer)any insight other than the academic.


My primary focus is on Southwester American Indian Nations and their people, but I also have experience in Plains and Northeastern traditions, having engaged in active trade and retail since 1985 and study for most of my life. I am not claiming any expertise at all in the work, techniques, lifeways or crafts that are made by the Native People of Mexico. They are not the same, either linguistically or culturally but certainly their crafts deserve discussion and appraisal by those who are able to provide real information.

I was a guest on Fox Network "Lifestyles" program, during the 1990s, to discuss how to tell forgeries, and authenticating jewelry as Native American work. I have also written extensively for our website, and our Ebay Store.

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