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My question involves native american religion. I am a nurse practitioner for a large private practice. Recently I had a patient who appeared to be very uncomfortable by presence. He had stated that his native american religion forbids him to be alone with a women behind closed doors and requested to be seen by a male doctor instead. Although I try to be respectful of all religions and how it effects the care of my patients, I couldn't help but wonder if there was actually any truth to the man's claim. I have never heard of this before and the outright rudeness of the man's request led me to believe he was just sexist. Please corect me if I'm wrong, and enlighten me as to how this came to be religious practice. Thanks so much for your time.

Among the Lakes Nations (Ojibway, etc. ) I've never heard of that kind of restriction regarding healers, but I would seriously suggest that you contact the Offices of the Indian Health Services for your State and discuss the situation with one of their counselors. While it might have simply been a male patient that was uncomfortable with a woman provider. Possibly he had an illness of a personal nature that made him nervous, in any case, if you get a lot of traditional Native people, then you should get a local definitive answer. It can't be easy. I've had friends who have worked with IHS with some very traditional folks and often more rigid gender role traditions can be only one of the many ways our cultures clash. Among the Plains Nations, (Lakota,Cheyenne, etc.) gender roles are much more traditional among traditional people, but among the Eastern Iroquois Nations, for example, the roles are quite reversed with most important tribal leadership work and healing being done by the women. Ditto for the Cherokee. It's going to require a bit of homework on your part. MY friends tell me that often simply acknowledging a Native Patient's cultural discomfort verbally, lays a smooth path for a better relationship. Good luck.

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