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four trees
four trees  
QUESTION: Dear Susan,

We just moved to South FL, and would like to know these trees around the house what kind of tree are they? And also how big can they grow? The prob is they are pretty close to the house and two of them are close to each other, and now they're young trees, but I'd like to know what to expect. Thank you in advance.




I can't blow these pictures up enough to see the leaves and bark, which I need to see to give you a definite identification.  From where you live, and the shape, I would say Ficus B. and some sort of Ash tree.  South Florida has practically everything, though, so I'm just guessing.  If you could send me close-ups of the leaves and bark, I can give you a better answer.  If I know for certain what it is, I can tell you how extensive the root system is, the spread of the branches, etc.  Also, how close is pretty close?  How big are the trees now - give me height and the diameter of the trunk.


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QUESTION: Hello Susan,

Sorry I tried to bundle 4 trees in 1 image but the quality suffered. This is tree # 1. It's about 22 feet high, and the diameter of the trunk is 11 inches. I hope this helps. Thank you.



ficus tree
ficus tree  
Hi Bob,

It still looks like a Ficus Benjamina, but here is a photo of what I need to see.  I need a close up of the leaf - not the whole tree.  It might be easier for you to contact me directly by email -  I want to be sure what I'm seeing, since we're talking about the tree possibly effecting the foundation of your house.

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