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I wanted to ask you about taking a pregnancy test before a period.

I don't know if I am, because the chances are very unlikely. I didn't have sex with a condom but he pulled out before ejaculation. I know you can still get pregnant that way. I also know that you can get pregnant just after a period but it is very unlikely. We had sex a day or two after my period finished and now I think I might be but I'm not sure.
I want to do a pregnancy test but I'm not sure if I have to wait till after my next period which is obviously about a month away.
I have to go for a rubella vaccine next Wednesday and I'm not sure if I can risk it if I might be pregnant. I don't know what effect it will have on a fetus.
So can I take a pregnancy test before then and will it come back positive if I am? Should I cancel my rubella vaccine?


ANSWER: Louise, could you give me a bit more information?  I don't want to mislead you.  When did your last period start? When did it end? How long are your cycles?  

There are a few days right after your period ends when you are relatively safe but it depends on how long your cycles are on average.  When you ovulate is important because the hormones run their course in 2 weeks or less, so the end of your cycle is the safe period but you have to know when you ovulate.  

some pregnancy test claim they are able to get a reading before your next period is due to start.  I don't know much about them, so you have to just read the box.  

As for the rubella vaccine, try to do a Google search on the risks.  I don't know if the vaccine has any or as much as the full blown disease does.  


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Brigid. I checked about the risks and apparently they're small but if you do get a rubella infection from the vaccine you can pass it onto the baby and give it some nasty problems. But like I said, the chances are apparently slim and many mothers who had the vaccine without knowing they were pregnant had healthy babies.

Well my last period was the 22nd of October to the 27th. My average period last about 5/6 days. But this period was two days earlier than the month before. That one started on the 24th of Sept.

I don't know when I ovulate but I do know that before I had my daughter I got pregnant with her from conceiving at the very end of the cycle. I had a blood test on the 28th of March two years ago which told me that I hadn't ovulated that month. I started my period at that time around the 4th of every month. So getting tested on the 28th meant I should have ovulated by then but I hadn't. Then I conceived around a day or two later. So I knew then that I ovulated late in the cycle. Don't know if that was a one off or the norm for me. I don't know if that is what I am now either.

Do you think they could do a blood test to see if I'm pregnant? Would that be more accurate?

I really don't know what I should do. If I find out I am then I'm going to feel so guilty about having the vaccine. Maybe I should just leave it? The symptoms I have could be from something else. I just don't know what to ask them to check for.

Okay will maybe check that pregnancy test out.

I think it is all pretty unlikely.  If you had sex a couple of days after your period ended, you are still about a week or more before you might ovulate.  Sperm can't live very long inside you so it would have to be still hanging around and wiggly for more than a week, which is possible by pretty unlikely.  

So, unless you ovulated early this month, you probably are not pregnant.  If you ovulate late this month, you may not have even ovulated yet, so there is no chance.  

If it gives you peace of mind, I would skip the vaccine.  But more than likely you are not pregnant.  I doubt you would find any pregnancy test that would be able to detect a pregnancy now.  Maybe next week it could, but not right now.  

If you have been charting your fertility signs, your basal morning temperature would elevate at ovulation and stay up until the end of your pregnancy.  That is one of the clearest signs of pregnancy.  If you haven't been taking your temperature every morning, you won't know until you get a pregnancy test or skip a period.  You might want to consider doing the morning temperature charting from now on if you find out you didn't get pregnant this time.  that way you'll be prepared for next time.  


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