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Naturopathy/could ear problem be Candida related


Diamond wrote at 2012-03-12 10:35:23
I just purchased a book today which is an eye-opener called "The complete CANDIDA YEAST Guidebook". Get this! Cholesterol is naturally increased by the liver to fight CANDIDA. I recently read that the autopsy after a heart attack after which CANDIDA was responsible.

I read also that this is a major problem in the farming communities with sick chickens with CANDIDA.Also, the book see that this is related to all disease and side effects minor and major.

A family member has the same problem and they won't listen. I know that it is related and for the future because it won't just go away.

For some advanced cancer/candidA application IV baking soda and Hydrogen peroxide, just google it!

This is the start of a long journey that you must prepare for. Because of the fungus, mold and toxin you must now educated yourself on it



Mary Vogel wrote at 2012-11-26 06:47:06
My hearing loss began shortly after I started having gastrointestinal problems.  I developed an intermittent condition that I called "rot-gut"--a barely perceptible stomach ache that seemed to leave me lethargic and cause a very low level inflammation to my whole system and to stuff up my ears--making my hearing loss worse.  I am certain that my hearing loss is related to my gastrointestinal problems.  

When I first came to this conclusion, I web searched "Candida and Hearing Loss" and found an article by Dr. Jonathan Wright, founder of Tahoma Clinic.  That path ultimately led me into the Tahoma Clinic's study on treating hearing loss with the hormone aldosterone--which I was low enough on to qualify for the study.  

Two of my issues turned out to be candida and h-pylori.  Meanwhile, I had also dealt with these conditions and gotten rid of the "rot-gut."  Last I checked, the Tahoma Clinic study had not released results.  My hearing loss is still there.

I now believe that both conditions were caused by taking an aspirin a day--not for heart disease--which I don't have--rather another condition.  I thought the original inquirer might benefit from my experience.


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