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I am hoping you can help I am getting rather depressed and don't know what else to do.
For the last four months or so after my menstrual cycle I get a very red and painful external vaginal area.  It feels like it is on fire.  Urinating makes it worse.
I have been to my general practitioner and to my gyno.  I have had a wet prep and several urinary analysis done.
Nothing shows up, I do not seem to have an infection.  My menstrual cycles are regular, I have no stds, no infections as I mention.  I am not over weight, I do not have diabetes.  I eat pretty healthy, I don't smoke I am in my mid 30's.  
Sometimes my urine will start to smell really strong.  I up my water intake and that seems to fix it.
I am just so sad, it hurts and I don't know what to do about it.
The Doctors haven't been much help.  The gyno gave me some estrogen to try but the risk don't seem to be worth it since we don't know what the problem is.
My regular Dr. doesn't see any reason to do hormone test and my gyno didn't suggest it.
Any idea where to go from here?

P.S  This all started when I had a UTI, the first ever that I have.  I have thought a couple times I have another, but it always come back negative/no infection.  Now it is just irritation, no infection.  Am I always going to be like this?

There are many possible issues.  I would suggest follow up with an different Ob/Gyn or Naturopathic Physician in your area to explore these issues.
Here are some possible issues:
-Inappropriate bacterial flora due to antibiotic usage
-Hormone in-balance
-Ph issues from either previous UTI/treatment of UTI or Ph issues due to hormone change or ph changes due to diet.
I strongly suggest ph issues.  A knowledgeable physician in your area would be able to look into this issue.
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