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 I am 76 years , And for some unforeseen reason I have this loud Ringing in my ear and it is a bit unsettling as I am a bit discombobulated an a bit unbalanced it started about 4days ago , went to the Doctor and she said it was water in my inner ear and suggested I take sudafed , I am not happy taking drugs so do you have an alternative? in my ear I get the sound of the Ocean . not tinnitus that has been in my ear for years . this is vary loud and can not use it to hear on the phone .  Thank you so much for your Help .   worm Regards Lupe

Ideally, you would find out the reason for the fluid as that would help you find the most suitable alternative.  But any of these may work if you want to experiment.  There's no true equivalent to the medication, but there are some possible supplements that may help.  Quercetin is a antioxidant that is often used for mucous/ allergies.  Another supplement often used for mucous conditions is N acetyl cysteine or NAC.  You could also try xylitol candy or gum as xylitol help draw out mucous and may help draw the fluid from the ear (fluid from the middle ear drains out through the back of the throat.)
Without knowing your health history, I'd suggest you follow the dosage on the bottle.  And it's a good idea to let your doctor know what you are taking, especially if you are on any medications.  
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