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Naturopathy/aloe vera & lichen planus


I have severe oral lichen planus & would like to know exactly what type or brand of aloe vera gel & instructions on how to use it to relieve the pain of my oral lesions.  I have been reduced to eating only quinoa & rolled oats with milk, some puddings & the occasional bit of yogurt & have lost 40 lbs in the last 8 months.  I am in Arizona right now but am a Canadian & am not going home for another 2 months & at that time will begin treatment with ciclosporin.  Need something to help my right now & read about this on line.
         Thanks,   Joan

Hello Joan,
First, I would strongly urge you to seek out a naturopathic doctor in Arizona, since there are many other possible treatment options that might give you some relief.  Aloe can be helpful, but there are other herbals or supplements that might have a stronger effect for you.  Usually I would recommend a aloe juice to swish and swallow, and gel can be applied to external lesions as needed.  I would suggest a brand that contains no extra additives, just the aloe juice or gel.  Usually, these would be available at a health food store rather than a pharmacy.  In addition, you would want to choose a product that is gel or juice only, not latex, as the latex portion of the plan can cause GI, other side effects, & medication interactions when taken especially in higher amounts, and it may be difficult to avoid ingestion when used around the mouth.  
In health,
Dr Conner


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