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Dear Gumdropper,

The first time this situation happened was about 5 years ago, and it happens so seldom; about once or twice a year. Last time was yesterday. here is what happens:

It always happens about a minute or 2 after getting up in the morning. While I'm standing I'll feel a huge amount of heat coming out my body and I'll start feeling of nausea, if I ignore this and don't lie down I'll start vomiting. As soon as I lie down the urge of vomiting will stop, but there still the nausea and the heat with sweat all over my body especially in my forehead and neck. it takes about 10 minutes to go away completely.

Yesterday it was the 2nd day in my period, and this situation happened three times in a short time period, about an hour after getting up and having breakfast, it happened even while I was sitting down, and in the last time because I was in toilet and didn't lie down quickly I almost throw up.

That was the first time to happen during my period.
I'm 20 years old, weigh 43 Kg, and not having any disease or disorder.

I want to know why this is happening ? and if it's a symptom to any disorder?

Thank you,
Duha Mohammad


I can't help but think your hot flashes and sudden nausea are related to your periods.  Perhaps you would be better off asking in a menstruation category.  What you describe also sounds like morning sickness.  For that kind of nausea and vomiting, some women keep saltine crackers next to their bed and eat a few as soon as they wake up.  Getting the stomach busy first thing in the morning often heads off that kind of nausea.

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