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You say that you can suppress vomiting, and that you haven't done so in 36 years, but what if you have a stomach virus?  It seems like this would be nearly impossible, because the only way to get rid of the virus would be to vomit.  If vomiting can be prevented, how would one go about it, as this is typically a 24-48 hour event?  Do anti-nausea/anti-vomiting medications work when dealing with a virus?  Thanks very much for your help.


Vomiting doesn't get rid of a virus.  After a virus-infected person vomits, there is still plenty of virus left in their intestines.  And vomiting doesn't happen to get rid of a virus.  A virus causes vomiting by invading intestinal cells and interfering with the normal operation of the intestines.  So vomiting serves no purpose with a stomach virus.

Please read my Vomiting FAQ at for some pointers on how to prevent vomiting.  Anti-nausea/vomiting medications work well.  Although Dramamine is only advertised to prevent motion sickness, it can also prevent ordinary vomiting.  And Pepto-Bismol is strong enough at suppressing the vomiting center that it can counteract a small dose of syrup of ipecac.

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