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When I was a child I vomited about once a year, & I`m wondering if that`s excessive, also, I`m wondering how often do adults vomit on average. I haven`t vomited for almost 16 years, how do I compare with the average person?

According to surveys I've done for my Vomiting FAQ, people can be classed into four vomit types.  I haven't researched children, so these are all based on adults.

1.  33% of people vomit on three or more days a year, and they are called PROLIFIC VOMITERS.

2.  40% of people vomit on one or two days a year, and they are called REGULAR VOMITERS.

3.  25% of people vomit less than once a year, but at least once in five years, and they are called INFREQUENT VOMITERS.

4.  2% of people vomit less than once in five years.  They are called NON-VOMITERS.

You seem to be a non-vomiter, like me.  Good show!

You can learn more about the four types at

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