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QUESTION: Occasionally I come across posts on the internet from people who claim never to have thrown up. Are these claims genuine, or are they just bragging? If these people are genuine, what is their secret?, I mean Id love to be that fortunate. Is it that they are stronger than other people, or do they learn at an early age how to keep themselves from puking?


I believe some of them are real.  Having dealt with a wide range of emetophobes on the Internet for more than 15 years, I know that there are many, many people who rarely or never vomit.  In fact, I argue that 2 percent of the population is what I call non-vomiters.  These are people who vomit less than once in five years.  

You may think that people who have never thrown up or haven't vomited since they were children are bragging, but in reality, these people are terrified of vomiting.  To most people, it isn't a big deal; to an emetophobe, it is something unimaginable, unthinkable.  I know because I myself haven't vomited in over 36 years.  I recently heard of a case of a young female emetophobe who reached the age of 18-20 (don't have it in front of me) without having ever vomited, and then she did.  It was a remarkable, terrifying experience for her.

Most people who never vomit are a combination of lucky and careful.  Mostly we avoid putting our hands on our faces and wash our hands frequently.  What happened at an early age has something to do with it.  We became emetophobes because we rarely vomited when we were children, and it makes sense that we vomit even less as adults.

I suggest reading my Frequently Asked Questions about Vomiting and Frequently Asked Questions about Emetophobia at

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QUESTION: Is it possible to raise my vomit threshold? I know the reason why it`s been so long sice I last puked is because I`m very careful about hygiene & alchohol, but I`m aware that my vomit threshold is no higher, or not much higher than the average person. I know this from past experience, & I do worry about being caught out by this weakness. Is it possible to aquire a stronger stomach, even if nature & heredity have not blessed me in that department?


How long since your last puke?  You don't have to vomit just because you're nauseated.  You can take anti-emetics and learn the techniques in my Vomiting FAQ ( to keep from vomiting.  I keep Pepto-Bismol and Gravol (Dramamine) on hand for emergencies.  I only take Pepto-Bismol once or twice a year (usually for diarrhea; no nausea for 12 years), and I have never used my Gravol suppositories.

Yes, you can keep from vomiting even if you have been no better than average before.  By the way... average is vomiting one or more days a year.  If you vomit less than that, then you're an infrequent vomiter.  

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