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I`ve visited several websites giving advice on dealing with norovirus, They all say the same thing. The advice is, take plenty of fluids to prevent deydration from vomiting & diahrea, but this doesn`t make sense to me,what`s the point of taking fluids if the body can`t hold on to them? Why don`t they advise anti-emetics? I know that`s the first thing that I`d use if I was unlucky enough to catch this evil bug. Iv`e even asked my doctor for a prescription for them, but he refused, so I have to buy them from the chemist. & theyr`e expensive. Which is the most effective anti-emetic for stomach bugs? I carry Mottilium wherever I go just in case, but are there any stronger ones that I can get without a prescription?

If I thought I had norovirus, I would take Dramamine/Gravol, which might be sold under a different name where you are.  If your stomach isn't digesting, Gravol suppositories are available.  Keeping them on hand ahead of time is an excellent idea.  If no Dramamine/Gravol is available, then take Pepto-Bismol and redose as necessary.

Most people aren't as averse to vomiting as we are, so they just control the vomiting when it happens.

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