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Iv`e always been amazed at how people seem to get sick over the slightest thing, like eating greasy food, or too much sugar. Iv`e always been able to tolerate these things easily, so why do other people`s stomachs react so badly to these kind of things? It really seems to me that the human vomit threshold is way lower than it needs to be, because Iv`e known people throw up for no reason at all, including me when I was small. I`m wondering why are people made this way?


Only some people vomit easily.  For most, it is much rarer.  I don't think it's so much about stomachs as it is about how much nausea or stomach discomfort a person is willing to tolerate.  A person who finds nausea intolerable, even a little bit, will go and vomit at the first sign of nausea, even if they have to induce vomiting.  A person who hates to vomit is willing to endure a lot more nausea, perhaps even hours.  Most people will vomit after 20-30 minutes of nausea.

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