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Hi, I'm a 27 year old male from US. I've had problems with nausea my whole life. It's more psychological than physical, and I just wondered if you had any tips for me in the future for when I'm nauseous. When I was a child, anytime I would get afraid at school or somewhere outside my home, my default reaction would be nausea, every time. I became terribly afraid of this feeling, too, because puking was the absolute worst thing ever to me, back then. As I got older many of my irrational fears evaporated, but I still have problems with nausea. When I get very nauseous now, I feel absolute dread for some reason (which exacerbates the feeling) and it can be very frightening, even now as an adult. I have not vomited in many years, thankfully, but I still battle nausea once in a while like everyone else.

I'm curious as to what goes on in other people's minds when they're very nauseous. When it happens to me it's almost how I would imagine claustrophobia, I feel like there is nowhere to run or hide to escape, that the walls are closing in, and I actually feel myself on the edge of panic, or even entertaining (not really, though) the notion of suicide (I am not mentally unstable). Having someone around to talk to during the time helps me stay a bit grounded, though.

What would you suggest I do to combat this emotional stress that nausea causes me? I believe I may have a phobia of vomiting or of nausea. Thank you!!!

A phobia of vomiting is one of the most common phobias.  Many phobics imagine that they have nausea when they're really fine.  A good question to ask is whether you feel like eating.  If you feel like eating, then you're not nauseated, and it's in your head.  There are plenty of techniques for dealing with anxiety when you're anxious and not really nauseated.  If you haven't vomited in years, then you're way ahead of most people.  You probably will not vomit much in your life.  

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