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I read on an emetophobia website the other day about a pwrson who ate just one cake, then drank some soda, & that was enough to make her throw up. Surely a normal healthy digestive system wouldn`t have reacted so violently. Could this person have some serious digestive issues? I can`t believe that someone could get sick that easily, because I can easily put away a whole family size bar of chocolate, or a big packet of digestives without feeling the slightest bit ill, & Iv`e always considered myself to have A very delicate stomach.


Eating and drinking that would not make anyone vomit.  She was already in a state of being ready to vomit when she did that.  It is surprising that you heard that on an emetophobia site.  Perhaps the woman in question did not have emetophobia?  People with emetophobia are usually pretty careful not to eat or drink anything when they're feeling nauseated.

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