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I`m a regular on emetophobia sites, & I keep reading posts from people who claim to be terrified of vomiting, yet don`t fight nausea, & let their bodies do what they want without putting up a fight. this seems strange to me because I`d fight against it tooth & nail. I rarely feel nausea, but when I do I always win because I`m determined not to throw up. Why do so- called emetophobics just let nature take it`s course without any resistance?


Most people find nausea more distressing than nausea.  It isn't surprising that people, even emets, are willing to throw up rather than endure nausea longer.  Most people (non-emets) are only able to put up with nausea for 20-30 minutes and then go to induce vomiting if they have to.

Not all emets know vomiting-prevention techniques.

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I will try to answer all questions about nausea, vomiting, and emetophobia. I know many ways of preventing vomiting (or bringing it on). I have not vomited in over 40 years.


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