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When I was little I would throw up every now 7 again for no reason, & I think that`s what caused me to be emetophobic as an adult. Iv`e never had unexplained nausea or vomiting as an adult, but I`m always hearing about other people who do. That seems really scary to me, the idea that our bodies can just throw the vomit switch just for the hell of it, a bit like someone setting off a fire alarm just for fun. Why do people have a tendency to get sick for no reason?


When you were a child, you did vomit for a reason.  It's just that for your parents, it was unimportant figuring out what that reason was.  Once you vomited, you were OK, and they felt no need to investigate further.  If the vomiting had persisted for days, then they would have gotten tests, etc.

Now you don't vomit for unexplained reasons, but you're still worried about it.  I don't think it's good to worry about something that hasn't happened since you were little.  Anyway, even if you get sudden nausea, you can use that opportunity to keep yourself from vomiting.  See the Vomiting FAQ for more suggestions:

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