Nausea and Vomiting/Lactose intolerance?


HI I am 55. I am beginning to think I may have developed lactose intolerance.
I was never a big milk drinker, but I eat a lot of cheese no problem. Ice cream however does not agree with me, but milk on cereal is OK. I enjoy drinking buttermilk, and I  have also noticed that if I have a glass before bed I wake up midway through the night with severe nausea. This is the only time dairy does this to me. I have been experimenting this week with different snacks before bed. Its only the dairy, except cheese, that does it.
Sond like lactose intolerance?


That could certainly be lactose intolerance.  It could also be there is something to nighttime that is making the difference.  Can you try drinking the buttermilk during the day and see if the same thing happens?  If it is OK, then you know it isn't lactose intolerance.

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