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Nausea and Vomiting/Morning nausea=GERD or maybe HYPOCHLORIDIA?


I have always suffered from poor digestion and get bloated and a bit nauseaous whenever I eat. I have been able to identify red meat, dairy, and gluten as the main offenders and have cut them out which has helped a lot-plus I am losing a little weight.
Lately however I have been waking up with nausea early in the morning. I am susceptible to heartburn, and from what I have googled, the fact I now work nights, and snack when I get home may probably be the culprit.
I also discovered I may actually have hypochloridia, or not enough stomach acid. Maybe this is why I have trouble digesting tough foods like red meat? Also, sorry for the yuck factor, my stools have a lot of undigested food. I know what healthy and non healthy stools look like as I worked in a nursing home. Is it possible the lack of acid is the reason the food isnt digesting? BTW digestive enzymes and probiotics do help to a certain extant. Anyhoo, I just started taking Betain HCA. Only been a couple days but I am feelin better and my you know whats are looking better and there are fewer of them.
Thanks for your thoughts, and have a very happy new year!

I don't know very much about the things you're asking about.  I think there is a gastroenterology area on where you can find someone who knows about those things.  I would suggest keeping dry, light food like saltine crackers or goldfish next to your bed to eat when you wake up nauseated.  Giving your stomach something to do when it's empty is one way to make it go away.

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