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Some time ago on one night I started feeling nauseated and feeling the urge to vomit and ended up vomiting but without retching before.
More recently I saw on your Vomiting FAQ that before vomitng you retch and so, this might seem a bit strange, but I started thinking about this time in that I threwup (the first in a few years) and started thinking if it could've have been something else rather than vomiting, but I really don't think it could, because I felt the stomach contractions and the forceful expulsion of a sizeable amount of vomit and I really felt nauseated (until I vomited), and so I would like to hear your opinion, do you think it's possible to vomit withing retching before or do you think this could've been something else?


Most of the time people retch before they vomit, and it is often the most painful part of the process.  For some people, retching is so minor that they don't feel it or remember it.  Retching is basically making a motion of breathing in without taking in air.  It builds up pressure in your chest above your diaphragm, and then when the diaphragm relaxes, this pressure shifts from the chest to the abdomen and forces the stomach contents up and out.

If you expelled a lot of vomit (like more than a mouthful), then you definitely vomited.  If it came up in one motion, then you vomited.  But if you only brought up like a mouthful to your throat and then spit it out (which would be two motions), then you didn't vomit.

You ought to be glad that you don't retch forcefully when you vomit.  People who do really hate it.

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