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Hi, it's me again again. i'd just like to know if you retching or not before vomiting can have anything to do with how nervous you are. Because like i said in my last question the last time i vomited i don't remember really having retched beforehand, however I remember having retched kind of forcefully before I vomited on other times. I'm sorry for insiting on this, I'm a bit obsessive about these things.

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It's OK if you insist.  Most of us who post these questions don't have a whole lot of experience with nausea, vomiting, and retching.  I don't either.  So we base what we know on the few times we've experienced them.

I suspect that retching beforehand can make a person more nervous than they would otherwise be and also make them more fearful of dry heaving.  Many people say that dry heaving is worse than vomiting copiously.  

Retching beforehand can also relax a person, as if to say, "your nausea is almost over and this is it.  Just be calm and relaxed and it will all be over soon."

I've only vomited three times that I remember (most recently at age 10), and I only remember retching once.  It felt just like hiccups to me and didn't warn me that something dreaded and disgusting would be shooting out my mouth in a few seconds.

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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