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Although, spiritually I have always been agnostic, I have leaned toward the belief in survival of consciousness - until recently.
I had a major heart attack a few months ago and flat-lined twice in the emergency room. Before I flat-lined, I remember saying "I think I'm passing out." My next memory was of the ER personnel calling my name. I was actually disappointed to have no recollection of any thought process while my heart was stopped. I would appreciate your thoughts on the experience. Thanks for your time.

Hello Ed,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts with your concerns. First, I am glad that you were brought back to life after suffering from your heart attack. I'm sure that there are many who share that sentiment.

  Of the percentage of people who have been pronounced clinically dead not all have what is considered an NDE. Actually only 12 - 20 percent of adults who have been brought back to life after passing the event horizon, so to speak, report having an Near Death Experience [NDE]. Children rank higher. A well, according to one study it appears that those who believe in the possibility of NDEs are less likely to have one should they be in such a position where they die and return. One would think that if an afterlife exists, then the percentage should be one hundred. Ed, no one knows why a few get the tour while the majority do not. However I do have a hypothesis and that is that perhaps those who do not have an NDE are simply not dead enough. Let me explain...

  I am basing this on material that I have studied regarding the death process according to Tibetan Buddhism. I have no reason not to put a fair amount of trust into the knowledge that they have amassed regarding dying and death. It is on the following that I base my theory. Death is usually not a sudden event but rather a gradual fading - even though the circumstances surrounding the death may seem sudden. The life force goes through stages of ending in most cases. This is too subtle for even the most sophisticated of medical equipment to pick up. The body apparently goes through eight "dissolutions"  with the eighth stage being final. Tibetan [] beliefs indicate that the four elements [earth, wind, fire and water]that make up a person and their life force become destroyed in the dying process. The dissolution of these four elements make up the first four stages of death. The white light does not appear until the fifth stage. There is no set time frame for the total dying
process or for the time duration of each individual stage. It can take minutes or it can take days. So Ed, if you did not get to stage five, then I put forth the possibility that you were dead, just not dead enough.

  Judging on what you have mentioned it appears that your life force is strong. When you look at exactly what we are a person is mostly empty space with a couple of hundred pounds of atoms thrown in. All of our atoms can be found in any number of inanimate objects. It is the life force that makes our atoms living entities. This force is known as chi, ki and prana etc.

  I hope that this has shed some light on your concerns. Don't give up the idea that there may be a life after life. According to modern theory physics consciousness could well be the primary force of the universe as we know it. There is so much to support the idea of the survival of personal consciousness after physical death to dismiss it completely. If you have any more questions I hope that you will contact me. You can find resources regarding NDEs at the following link to my web site.

In closing I wish you good health. Warm regards,

Greg Pocha / All Experts / Dying, Death and Beyond

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