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is true that the nails and hair continue growing after a person die?

Hola Jesica,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts. You are my first questioner from Argentina. I teach dancing and admit that Argentine Tango is my and my partner's absolute favorite dance.

  In answer to your question - No, hair and finger nails do not continue to grow after somatic [absolute, irreversible] death. After the main systems- the nervous,circulatory and respiratory- have shut down, the cells of the deceased begin to die. Depending on the type of cell, this process may take many hours.

 The bio-processes that cause the growth of hair and nails are not in operation so they can no longer do their jobs. BUT if one gets really technical, the hair and nails give the ILLUSION that they have grown. This is not due to actual growth of the hair/nails but rather due to dehydration of the body. As cells die and dehydration takes place, the surrounding tissues shrink. It is this shrinkage that exposes more of the hair that was in the scalp and the nails that were under the skin. So neither has grown, only more of what was already there has been exposed due to the  natural decomposition of the body.

  This idea has been glorified by folklore and myth, and of course by Zombie movies, but as you can see, there is no truth behind it. Still, I appreciate you asking it as many people are under the false belief that such an impossibility occurs. If you have any other questions, please write to me and I'll get an answer out to you.

Cuidate! Ciao,

Greg Pocha, All Experts, Near Death Experience / Afterlife Studies

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