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i am a 61 year old man who suffers from fear of death. it has caused me to suffer anxiety attackes and morbid fear.I cannot let my family know of my weakness as i am thought of as a strong kind of bloke who nothing seems to bother
I am living in dread of growing old
Regards Cardy

Hello C,

  Thank you for writing to me at All Experts / Near Death Experiences / After life Study with your concerns. You are not alone in your fear, nor are you alone in having an obsession with that fear. When something such as your death preoccupies your mind, you are robbing yourself of the very life that you are afraid of losing. Worse, it is a fixation on something that, inevitably, cannot be avoided. There are those who pass away with a smile on their face, those who seem aware of being surrounded by guides, predeceased loved ones and friends, those who see another realm of existence, and of course those who clutch at the bed cloths, withering and screaming as if any of that will stop what is happening to them at the moment of death [incidentally, the latter are only wasting their time].

  But none of the above is what you want to hear, you already know the consequences of being born and are now wondering how to stop your irrational thoughts towards the end of "you". Most who write to me are afraid of losing their "self", their "I am..." more than losing their shell called a body. They fear an empty, endless void where nothing exists, not even your awareness or thoughts... that you simply cease to exist. There lays the source of most pre-death anxieties [Thanatophobia, to be specific].

  When people hit middle age [40 - 64 years] they are at their highest point of having an anxiety regarding their mortality. However, according to research, once one gets to the 65 year mark, give or take, that anxiety disorder begins to diminish [(Kurlychek & Trenner, 1982). You are at the ripe age for the psychological stress that you are experiencing. As a matter of fact, when I receive questions about this very subject the questioners are 90% in the above age group.

  At this point I would like to direct you to two links from other's who are or have suffered from the dread of dying and wrote to me for advise.

  I realize that you are not comfortable discussing this issue with family or peers. I am always available to help with specific concerns. I would also recommend that you speak to someone outside of your social circle regarding this. If you feel comfortable doing so. you should book a few sessions with a psychologist. This in no way implies that you are neurotic or "losing it". After all, yours is a common fear and I can't see you suffering if help is available.

  You have a complicated and deep issue on many levels. I hope that this has helped even a little, and I am here so don't hesitate to contact me as often as you wish or need to.

Warm regards,

Greg Pocha / Near Death Experience [NDE] / After Life Study

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