Back and Neck Injury/persistant low back pain


Robbie wrote at 2012-11-28 19:35:32
Your symptoms sound EXACTLY the same as mine. As do the procedures your going through to find the cause. I went through terrible pain for about 6 years and after visits to spinal surgeons, chiropractors etc I had nearly given up and it affected me very badly. Everyone seemed to have a different opinion which added to the frustration. Then I stumbled across a fellow from Methven near Perth in Scotland. What he did changed my life. It was a problem with my L4 and he simply bent me forward over a bench, located the correct vertebrae the dragged his knuckle from left to right. I didn't believe it at first and dismissed it but after about 4 days the pain receded completely. I PROMISE it was THAT simple. I've had to go back a few times because I have a heavy job but I can live just about pain free now. He has also helped many people I know with similar problems. Hope this helps.  

Back and Neck Injury

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Robert Arnone, DC


Anything related to the spine, especially the neck area and anything Nervous System related are my areas of expertise.


I am a Brainstem Specialist that corrects Nervous System Obstruction caused from The Upper Cervical Injury. The top two bones of the spine (Atlas & Axis) surround and protect the Brainstem but can get locked into misalignment that interferes with the mental impulse between the brain and the body (Subluxation). This is the cause of all dis-ease.


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