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Jen wrote at 2009-03-29 02:55:29
Hi, Please look up Dr. Donlin long with John Hopkins hospital. I have the same exact problem, I spent the evening in the car crying while my family went out to eat for a celebration for my daughter, the pain was so bad in my head I could not tolorate any more sound or light and the though of food make me sick. Dr. Donlin Long has done years of research on this, I am seeing him know for a fusion surgery, so far it has a 96% success rate. I am going through with it, if I have to sell my house to pay for it. I am going to trial for my car accident in about 1 month from now, its been 7 years and the pain is not getting any better. I have been told by my attorney that its more likey to go for the bad rather than the good, its like taking a gamble.  i have been through physical therapy, nerve blocks, and denervations, where they burn the nerve endings off, they help some very short term. It doesnt matter how many meds I take, it does not take the chronic pain away I get in the back of my head that radiates around to my eyes and behind my ears. I have to get this surgery, its the only chance I have to get my life back. Please check into this, I know where you are coming from.

jan wrote at 2009-05-03 17:59:42

Check out  and go to referrals to find a highly specialized PT in your area to help you with your problems.  They may have a sliding scale or benefit fund to help you.  These Pt's are highly specialized and offer a very different

approach.  I have had a bad neck injury in 93, and have been fortunate to have found the founder of the institute, Gregg Johnson, in my home town of Steamboat Springs.  All therapists have been trained by him.  Even tho I still have problems and need therapy, without them i would be totally disabled.  

I wish you luck and healing.  don't give up.

Wayne wrote at 2009-09-10 00:46:57
I am very sorry the read of your experience. I had a simular trama. From my experience things tend to get worse over time, however the body does compensate in some ways over a long period of time. I would also suggest you seek legal council, as far as how much disabity paymens you get, because of your age it should be somewhat determined by your parents income if they support you, my daughter became disabled before the age of 19 and she gets disability payments and medicare under my account not her earning history. One such law firm that may be very helpful is Binder and Binder...I hope you get this message. Good luck!

Wayne wrote at 2009-09-10 00:55:04
There is an injection of polocaine which is a perifial ( check spelling) nerve block medication. I have had nerve damage for so long that I was taught to self inject. VERY CAREFULLY. Only a specilist in Pain management is familar with this, they use it to numb an area before local surgery! It works for about 8 hours, you must take a tylonal ( I do) with it or you will get a worse headache. I don;t know why it just does. I use it carefully!!! From the C2 to the S1 spine parts and also hips to block hip and groin pain.

Again, good luck!

Jen wrote at 2009-10-21 02:30:52
update, I had my fusion surgery in June. I had c2 through c6 fused. So far has been very successful. No more migraines, no more stabbing upper back pains. I am still having surgery related pains, but am getting better by the day. I am currently writing a book about my 7 year battle with chronic pain, including all the non surgical procedures I tried. I am very thankful for Dr. Longs research for whiplash pain that does not go away. I will update again when my book is published. My purpose of writing this book is to help educate others who may have the same experiences and suffering I have endured from a rear end collision. Thanks for all of your responses. God Bless

C3 and Med Free! wrote at 2010-05-29 07:00:28
I used mangosteen..Xango for the nreve damage that I experienced (c3 from accident) the natural anti imflammatory effect subsided the pain (along with chiropractic care and now 1 year later I ma off ALL MEDS! Blessings!

Sandy L Sewell wrote at 2011-06-20 15:20:42
Hi Staci I had similiar symptoms and my last but not least my last alternative was accupuncture this seems to help for a while but will need to be done when the pain comes back and I also got a tens unit to help with the nerve pain try getting this done and it should help in some way..


Ria Cole wrote at 2012-02-10 15:18:49
I too, had a whiplash injury which caused exactly the same symptoms and problems you are relating to. I was advised to visit a Chiropractor who took x rays of two spinal areas (one including the neck area) and it proved that my C2 and C3 areas of my neck were misaligned. A hands on manipulative treatment fixed this problem immediately, which in turn allowed my ligaments and knotted muscles to come out of spasm and return to normal. The pain relief was second to none. My  Chiropractor also checked my back as I had complained of lower back pain and there it was. Due to my car accident, I had a slightly misaligned pelvis. The adjustment for this was simple and pain free. I visit my Chiropractor whenever my muscles, shoulder or back start giving my pain and she relieves the problem every time.

There is no manipulative health advisor within the NHS hospitals in England unfortunately; so I'm afraid you would have to pay for this out of your own pocket.

I am presently campaigning for people who suffer with these problems to be able to get either Chiropractor or Osteopath treatments free on the NHS.

Good luck with your treatment and I really 'do' know the extent of pain you have been suffering.

colin wrote at 2012-08-24 00:48:07
Wow, i was very impressed with the diagnosis from this doctor, i would hope that Stacy did take it up with her insurance and hopefully has found some medical help in her condition. I also have a severe neck problem I live in France and the medical opinion here is that my age 60 and my condition is not life threatening but too dangerous to operate. I know there is a new method of replacing joints between c2,c3 c4,c5,c6,c7 but it is not used here in France yet. Perhaps i could email my MRI scans to this doctor and get some advice. I am no longer able to work, I have constant pain in varying levels and take pain killers every day morning and night. I have had knee operations and have sclerosis lower down in my back from an accident when i was 20 years old. I actually find it easier and more pleasurable to ride a motorcycle than drive a car, i have an ex police bike that gives a riding position correct for sitting upright and my hands do not suffer when riding other than circulation problem and some tingling at times in one hand.

But back to tracy, do what ever you can to rectify as much as you can as soon as you can. With age it just gets worse. I hope since this letter posted a few years ago that tracy has received help and is on the mend. Colin  

sharon in michigan wrote at 2013-11-20 02:22:34
In 1995 I fractured my C6 vertebra in a car accident.  2 years later I started having significant pain in my neck. The medical doctors weren't much help.  Thanks to a chiropractor highly skilled in the Activator technique, I am pain free and active today.  I do have chiropractic adjustments approximately monthly.  When looking for a chiropractor I would strongly recommend one who takes x-rays before treatment.  It may be expensive up front but it's the best way for a chiropractor to understand what is going on with your spine.  

Cindy wrote at 2014-09-10 14:26:34
I also suffer the same symptoms. WOW! I have worked at computer with a phone on my shoulder all of my life. I have had neck fusion in C5, C6, C7. I have a knot in my neck that never goes away. I am undergoing nerve blocks at this time with radiofreqency in the near future. I have also had 2 carpal tunnel surgeries that showed abnormal anatomy in my wrists.  Ulnar nerve is in the medial canal. I have limited strength in my hands and arms. I am restricted to 20lb weight lifting. It sucks!! I do not like taking narcotics but the pain can be unbearable at times. I have been told that fusion may have to be redone.  A tens unit helps me the most. I have shaved behind my ear and tape the electrodes down. Good luck

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