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Was rear ended 6 months ago. Was diagnosed with muscle tear/sprain. I had a huge knot in the right middle side of my back. Was told it was muscle spasms. Given muscle relaxers and pain meds by my MD. Also from the advise of family sought out a chiropractor. Had about 6 weeks of "therapy" and it improved alot. At first the pain was chronic and I couldn't do anything. Laundry, dishes, changing my sons diaper. It seemed to improve but any overwork such as walking a good while or long car rides I continued to get that muscle spasm which was a knot in my back. I was given an MRI and it reported normal. I now am daily having chronic back pain. Debilitating where I just want to lay down. It's the same spot. The pain radiates into my neck. Everytime I drive especially the bumps on the road hurt me so bad I can't drive. I barely can walk after the pain starts. Please help because I don't know what this is.

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Hi, Alexis,

First thing is to get some relief.  Visit the following page and do the exercise as instructed.
Do two or three practice sessions in the next two days.

Next thing is to develop some understanding of what's happened to you.

Please read what's on the following page:

Finally, I recommend you either see a practitioner in my field
or begin a self-relief program.

Self-relief programs appear at the bottom of the article linked, above.  

Back and Neck Injury

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