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QUESTION: I am worried and not sure what's going on with me.  I used to never get headaches and over the summer everything changed. I had a really stiff neck one weekend with some pressure in my head, I got really bad anxiety the following week as I had never felt that before and was really scared.  I also had some ear pain. Anxiety definitely made things much worst though.  I barely ate for two weeks and didn't sleep much and had a bunch of doctor appointments. That was early August: ENT did nasal endoscopy it was clear just slight inflammation in muscle behind my nose.  Eye doctor at that time did full check up plus field test and that cleared at that time too.  Primary doctor wanted to give me muscle relaxants which I didn't take I've switched primary doctors since then.  I started seeing a really good chiropractor who did manage to relieve my anxiety and help relieve alot of symptoms over time.  I thought I was doing better.  I had a cervical MRI done a couple of weeks ago, showed c2 disc herniation, c7 t1 herniation and two disc bulges between c3 & c5 I believe plus a tear in one of the ligaments near one of the herniation (not sure which ligament).  The strong head pains I felt in late July/August had gone away pretty much.  now, about two weeks ago, I had some pain dull but deep pain in back of head to right not far from ear felt muscular I guess. had my fiancÚ rub it.  about a week ago a small lump appeared and it is painful but small.  it's there now. and I started getting sharp pains on the left side of my head above ear. it's been kinda making me panic again. my new primary doctor doesn't think it's urgent and I'm following up with him on Wdnesday next week.  Chiropractor saw it felt around said seems like cyst not to worry now.  I'm trying to be calm and am eating and sleeping.  but when I lay down at night, I have bad twitches mostly in my legs, pointer fingers and left arm and shoulder although last night my neck and head muscles twitched too like my neck moved slightly involuntarily it's freaky! My dad is a retired doctor And said try to relax he is coming with me next week to my follow up, might discuss head MRI even though I want it I'm really scared of it.  my neck does pop/crack alot when I turn it, my jaw isn't the best either (doesbt open smoothly pops too).  Just an FYI I had dental work done beginning of year and had bad car accident 2005, concussion and big contusion thing on left temple that over four months drained on its own and I didn't have seat belt on). Any thoughts about the sharp pains?

Lawrence Gold Somatics
Lawrence Gold Somatics  
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Hanna Somatic Educatio  
ANSWER: Hi, Cristina,

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As you review my answer, understand that it's information likely to differ from what you've heard from medical doctors.  Please listen for what is of value to you, what accurately describes your condition, and what makes sense.

referenced articles of mine
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practitioners | (for someone local to you -- I'm in Santa Fe, NM)
self-relief options (ask)

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply it was kind of calming considering I get scared it is something really bad.  The sharp intense short pains I was getting on the left side have since subsided hopefully they don't return.  what worries me most right now is the lump because it is still there and not soft.  My neck gets right and sore spots on either side especially one spot on the right side near the top (same side as the thing on my head).  Head feels tight sometimes too and still dull pains.  what do you think I should do?

Lawrence Gold Somatics
Lawrence Gold Somatics  

Hanna Somatic Education
Hanna Somatic Educatio  
Hi, Cristina,

As to the remaining lump and soreness, both usually come from muscles in contraction.  Not seeing you, directly, I can't say, for sure, but that's what they usually come from.

The articles I sent you give the general course of action I recommend:  somatic education.

Specifically, get with a practitioner or start a self-relief program. | practitioners:

I recommend you start with the neck exercises found in the book, The Magic of Somatics |

After that, the audio-instructional program, Disproving the Myth of Aging, has exercises that address neck tension for different movements and locations. |

Somatic exercises start to bring relief quickly, in one or two practice sessions, and bring ongoing improvements.  

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