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Back and Neck Injury/upper back and severe headache aftre liwer back surgery


why would i have upper back pain and severe headache after lower back surgery

Hello Marie,

Sorry to hear about your neck pain and headaches.  I'm not sure how long ago your surgery occurred, but often times the positions we're in during recovery, or the new ways you have of moving and using your body since surgery may be causing your upper back and neck to get really tight, which could also be causing your headaches.  

I don't know if your headaches are more in your forehead, or more on the side of your head.  If they come up the back of your skull and you feel it in your forehead it's probably from your neck muscles (upper back as well) being too tight (or dehydration can also be a cause). If it's in the side of your head, even into your eye, it's probably from your jaw being too tight.

THE GOOD NEWS, is that you can probably do a great deal all by yourself to relieve or eliminate your pain. My completely free website,
has follow-along videos that will show you how to fix yourself.

If I were you I would go to the main Neck Pain Relief page first,
and/or the Upper Back Pain Relief page if that seems like a better fit

If your headache is on the side of your head, I would follow along with the videos on the Jaw Pain Relief page, even if you don't currently feel it in your jaw it can instantly relieve a headache if you release a tight jaw.

Doing any of the above will only help, and will certainly not make things any worse.

Most chronic structural pain in a body is due to the shortening and tightening of soft tissue around joints.  If you release the inappropriate tension, then things have the space and freedom to move and function without sending you pain signals.

You also want to notice how you may be using your body differently since your surgery, and correct anything that may be putting too much strain on your upper back and neck.

I do hope this helps.


Gary Crowley

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