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I am 26yrs and i was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis :(, i did a cervical MRI and its result says:
-Lose of cervical lordosisdue to muscle spasm
-Minor marginal osteophytes are seen at multiple levels. Cervical spondylosis
- No other significant  abnormality is seen.

It all started when i was joggin up a hill at high speed when i felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder.  I used to do alot of sports and jogging plus i am a computer engineer so i spend alot of time on computers.
I have been having the pain every day for over a year now, the pain starts from my neck to my shoulders, no back. i took medications(anti-inflamatory, muscle relaxants, paracetamol, neurobion tablets(vitamins B1-6-12)  and wore neck collar but yet the pain is still there.i also stoped all sports. I am so sick of the daily pain as it makes me restless all day. i really feel like i'm in my 60s.

Hello Zabadeh,  

Sorry to hear about your pain issues.  And thank you for all the details included in your question.  The good news is that I do think there are things you can do to get rid of your pain and get back to living your normal life.

What I'm about to tell you below is described in greater detail on my totally free website,
but I'll try to give you quick summary.

Most chronic structural pain is caused by the shortening and tightening of tissue around joints.  The "muscle spasm" noted in your MRI results is just that, a shortening and tightening of tissue around your cervical vertebrae.

Once you understand that bones only go where muscles pull or hold them (because bones are literally chunks of calcium that do not move on their own), you can begin to address the causative factors involved in your neck pain, i.e. the short/tight tissue.

If you think about all the muscles in your body like the rigging (ropes) on a big old-fashioned sailboat, you can begin to understand that when certain pieces of rigging (muscles) get too tight they will pull the bones out of positions, negatively affect nerves, and cause you to experience pain and lack of function.

So what you want to focus on is releasing the tight tissue that is causing your chronic pain, but in our bodies "where" it hurts is most often not "why" it hurts, most people just don't know what to do to get rid of their pain.  On my website I show you where to work and how to work on your tissue so it will release and you can get out of pain.

I would recommend you go to Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief page and follow along with the videos:

You can also go to the main Neck Pain Relief page if you desire:

I do think you can probably fix yourself, but you may have to do some regular maintenance with all your time on the computer, since this may be one of the main reasons your neck is tight in the first place.

I do hope this helps.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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