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Hi dear.I had an Cervical spine  x-ray done and the results are as follows. there is a mild mid cervical scoliosis convex to left side. Normal sagittal of the cervical spine. moderate narrowing of the C4/5 disc space with minor anterior end plate lipping. The rest of the cervical disc space appear intact. minor bilateral uncovertebral lipping at the C4/5 level causing slight bone encroachment on the adjacent intervertebral foramina .. what dose that mean thank you

Hello Durried,

These results seem pretty positive to me.  I do not know why your x-ray was taken, if you are in pain or even how old you are, but your results are filled with words that would point to the "there's nothing wrong" diagnosis.  The adjectives are the key - mild, normal, moderate, minor, and minor.  

But if you are in pain, obviously there is something wrong that needs to be a addressed.

Are you experiencing neck pain?  If so, and with the results you sited above, I would think you could probably get rid of any chronic neck pain you may be suffering from by following along with the free videos on my website:

I would think either the main Neck Pain Relief page:

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Since you don't appear to have any tears in your cervical discs and no major disc compressions, you can probably provide your own neck pain relief, if in fact, you are in pain.

I do hope this was helpful.


Gary Crowley

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