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doctor when i breath forcefully experienced chest pain in right side i also have a right shoulder, neck and under armpit pain

Hello Sebeena,

The good news is that all your symptoms could be related.  Shoulder and neck pain as you describe is often caused by the muscles on the side of your armpit (teres major and minor) a muscle in your armpit (subscapularis) and the on your upper back (infraspinatus, and rhomboids).  There are more muscles but I won't bore you with an anatomy lesson.
When any or all of these get tight they can cause the pain you seem to be describing.  You need to release them so your shoulder blade is not being pulled out of position.  Think of your muscles like the rigging on a big sailboat with all the muscles pulling off each other to allow our bodies to move and function. If some of the rigging is too tight, it pulls other things out of position.
This is often caused by too much time on the computer with your mouse and keyboard to high or far away.  Or too much time driving with the steering wheel to high and far away.
Here are many of the muscles I'm talking about if you're interested:

The other good news is you can most likely release all these muscles yourself, and thereby release your pain.

I show you how to do this for free, in 3 free videos at the link below.  I walk you through every step.  Just take your time.  You can do it.

Hope this helps.


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