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is it possible that any spinal or neck injury due to lifting heavy objects in bodybuilding training lead to migraine with aura? i have seen that some times after neck workouts after 1-2 days i get serious migraine headaches starting with auras. in last two days i have had 2 attacks, one was extremely painful the other was moderate both starting with aura noting that 2 days ago i had heavy shoulder workouts.

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Hello, Nima.

In a word, yes.

I explain in this article on headaches:

For migraines to result from weight training, you would also have had to have a previous neck injury, such as a whiplash injury or hard fall, or have become musclebound in your neck from long periods of improper movement during training.  Then, the additional muscular contraction of your neck during a training session can send you over the edge.

You'd be best off doing a somatic exercise program to free your neck.  Ask, and I can advise.  

Back and Neck Injury

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