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I have been suffering with back pain for years but it is getting progressively worse so I had an MRI done and I don't understand it so could you explain it to me please...L4-L5 There is a mild loss of disc height and signal.Borderline bulging of the disc.Central posterior annular tear is noted.Trace facet joint effusions are noted.A synovial cyst is noted along the posterior margin of the right facet joint.Slight narrowing of the neural foramina inferiorly without evidence of foraminal impingement.
L5-S1 Moderate loss of disc height and signal. Mild to moderate bulging of the disc.The facet joints are hypertrophied.Trace facet joint effusions are noted.Moderate spurring off to the lower posterolateral margins of the L5 vertebral body.Moderate to advanced bony narrowing of the left neural foramen and mild to moderate bony narrowing of the right neural foramen without definite evidence of foraminal impingement on either side.The bulge abuts but does not overtly displace or impinge the S1 nerve sheaths.There is no overt canal stenosis.If you could explain this to me in terms I understand I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

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Hi, Dee,

The significant findings of this report are loss of disc height and signal, bulging, the spurring and the and the annular tear.

The first three come from chronic muscle tension in your back, which cause disc and nerve compression, bulging and bone growth along the line of muscular pull (spurring) at muscular attachments.  The annular tear is a tearing of an intervertebral disc, commonly from a prior violent injury.

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