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QUESTION: hello,fall about 30 or 40 feet 20 years ago off a cliff landed on my back with my elbows under me so my head never hit the ground been having neck pain ever sent.had a plate put in at c-6,c-7 in 2008 but still have pain.also have a knot on the right side at the base of my skull where neck and head join it has gone away for now but comes a goes.lots of headaches more so when knots there. also have pain all over but mostly on right side of body,i have had x-rays, MRI but still they don't know they say fibermoagy,for all over pain been taking savella but to many side effects had to stop.need answers.thanks

ANSWER: Hello Laura,

Wow, that sounds like you had quite a fall and I can see why you have chronic neck pain. You probably whiplashed yourself like someone  who had been in an auto accident. The problem when such a trauma occurs in a body is that the muscles in the body will often tighten up, and unless they get released many muscle groups will stay tight indefinitely.  And once they are tight for a certain period of time the rest of your body has to start adapting to the inappropriate tension, which then leads to more problems.

If you take a moment and think of all the muscles in your body like the rigging (ropes) on a big old-fashioned sailboat, you can begin to see that inappropriate tension in some the rigging (muscles) can begin to affect areas other than just the muscles themselves.

Since bones are merely chunks of calcium that only go where muscles pull or hold them, inappropriately tight muscles begin pulling bones (vertebrae, in your case) and the nerves that run through them, out of their normal position.  This causes lack of optimal function and often pain.

So the solution in situations like yours is most often to release the inappropriately tight muscle tissue that is negatively affecting your structure.  The GOOD NEWS is that you can probably do a great deal of this  yourself and achieve substantial neck pain relief.  I talk about all of the above in greater detail at my completely free website, Do It Yourself Joint Pain Relief,

You can start on the homepage or go directly to the main Neck Pain Relief page:
Just follow along with the videos and do what I show you and you'll most likely begin to experience the neck pain relief you've been seeking.

You may need to do more maintenance than others because of the plate in your neck, but I still think you can achieve substantial pain relief with the techniques I show you.

I do hope this helps.

Gary Crowley    

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QUESTION: thanks,also needed to add that i have ear drainage, have to clean 2 to 3 times a day,headaches and sharp pains in head from front forehead above the ear and down the back of the head to the neck,the more i move head more the neck hurts more head hurts.more back and lower back and hip the more i squat down and back up the more im hurting at the end of the day been on disability 2008 all of the muscles are relaxed until i have to get up and hold up my head all eyes have got bad the last year also.looking for injury that could have been done do to thinking pitched nervous are blood flow.thanks again

Hello again,

I honestly am not sure about the ear drainage and eyesight issues, but sometimes releasing a really tight jaw can help in those areas.
I'd recommend this page and videos.
or a very similar set of techniques on the Migraine Pain Relief page

I'm not sure if they will do the trick, but check out the areas I have you work on and if there is tender/painful tissue there then it can only help to release it.

I do hope this helps.


Gary Crowley

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