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I am really hoping that you can help me. About a year and a half ago, I injured my lower back (lumbar/sacrum area) while strength training at the gym. Stupidly, I never did anything about it and just let it "heal" on its own. It resolved in about 4 weeks. Since then, I have had on and off soreness in the same area that always goes away on its own within a day or so. I immediately stopped strength training after the injury and started doing pilates and yoga instead (to avoid re-injuring my back).

About 7 weeks ago, the soreness came back but instead of going away, it escalated over the course of a week until I could no longer stand or walk without extreme pain. The pain originates on the left side of my low back (I've been told it is where my SI joint is). I have been to a chiropractor, a physical therapist and an orthopedic surgeon, all have told me a different diagnosis.

The pain has basically disappeared now EXCEPT for when I sit down. Anytime I sit I have horrible painful stiffness after 5-10 minutes that does not go away unless I lay on the floor and stretch out (cat/cow, child's pose and bringing my knees to my chest are the best). The pain feels like a stiffness. There is no numbness or sharp pain, just this extreme stiffness where I feel like I can't move and I just HAVE to stretch. As soon as I have stretched the pain is gone until I sit down again, then the cycle continues.

The orthopedic did a bunch of tests (reflexes, had me bend side to side and twist side to side and forward/backward. The only pain I felt is when bending forward- trying to touch my toes) and said that I did not need an MRI or x-rays and that I was having "SI pain" and I should go to physical therapy. However, the PT thought since it only occurred when I was sitting (and my forward bend to touch my toes got better with a bit of massage during the session) that it must be a disc issue. And the chiro has no idea, he just makes sure that I stay aligned.

Do you have any idea what it could actually be and how much longer it will be until it heals and I can sit again? It has been 7 weeks so far. Living life without being able to sit is extremely difficult and painful, especially with a desk job! I am growing very depressed and scared.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi, Laurie,

Don't worry.

Just read my full explanation of S-I Joint Pain Syndrome in the write-up linked below, which also includes a "what you can do" regimen.

Your description indicates that you have tight hamstrings and tight back muscles.  The write-up has a missing piece.

write-up |

Read more about the approach, here:  

Back and Neck Injury

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