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I'm 16 years old and have been working out for around 8 months with relatively high intensity. 2 and a half months ago I got a mild injury on my upper back, I thought nothing of it and kept working out for about a month later, it then became a lot more painful. I saw my doctor and she said I have injured my upper back and should apply heat packs, I did this but the pain didn't subside. I then got an X-Ray but it was all clear. I haven't worked out for over 5 weeks now and the pain isn't showing signs of improving or worsening. I went to the doctor again to ask if a Physio would help and she approved. She then clarafied that I have injured my Trapezius muscle and the C-7 on my spinal cord is where most of the pain dwells. I Saw the physio and he said there was a lot of tention in the left part of my body to which I did not take much notice of. Since being there the pain has gone from the middle of my C-7 to the right and left of my upper-middle of my shoulders and they feel like there's a lot of tention in both of them. I took anti-inflammatories and it helped but that was a few weeks ago. Since seing the physio the pain has just been more spread out accross my upper body. Can someone please tell me what to do to heal this, I haven't worked upper body or done anything strenuous in 5 weeks but the pain doesn't go away. Also an estimated time of healing if you are able to know. I want to get back to working out as soon as possible but wont take any risks at the moment.

Thanks in advance if you can help me.

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Hi, Bradley,

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Back and Neck Injury

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