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Last night I was lying on the bed and I heard a noise so I rolled over quickly and banged down on the bed, the bed was my friends not mine I am used to a soft mattress but this one was hard, I felt a crack or pop sensation and it scared me, then it was sore on right side of armpit or just below at nipple level but on outside .this morning it does not affect my breathing but it hurts when I cough or move to quickly. I have had a rib problem before but it was worse then this, I am wondering if its my rib or my muscle can muscles make a popping grinding sound like bone on bone. Also I have had lots of triggers in these areas in the past could a trigger make this sort of popping noise if it let go who would think twisting quickly in bed would cause this. What can I do to relieve the soreness and any exercises would be appreciated, I am scared of death as I have death phobia and this is worrying me wondering if I did break a rib, I am too far out of town to get to the doctor this week Any help would be much appreciated .thank you

Hi Marj,

If you didn't bang or bump the side of your ribcage on anything then it would be unlikely that you cracked or bruised a rib, unless you have osteoporosis, then it is certainly possible.  You may have "popped" a rib head out position where it sits between the two vertebrae in your mid to upper back depending on which rib it is on the side that you feel.
But if you did bruise or crack a rib, while it is uncomfortable, there isn't a lot to worry about.  It will just take a few weeks to heal, so hopefully that will help with your phobia.

If you go to my free website,
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I show you  how to release the tissue and get that rib head to drop back into place.

I do hope this helps.


Gary Crowley

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