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Hello I have a lot of pain in my arm where it is hard to lift And very sore At especially at night I do have a bulging disc in my neck and spine could that be causing it Which has been treated  The pain feels like a tooth ache I just wondering if it is coming from a tooth I have a baby tooth still and adult tooth behind it Which I am processed of getting fixed I don't really feel pain in my chest So I don't think in heart attack I been putting ice on it And it relieves in some Thank you Carolyn

Hi, Carolyn,

Nerve impingement in the neck from tight neck muscles would account for pain in your arm -- as would contracted muscles around your shoulder blade.  Tight muscles on the underside would make lifting your arm difficult and painful in the joint.

Having been "treated" is meaningless unless the muscular contractions have been eased.

Those are educated guesses, lacking detail as to the origin of your neck tension.

Please see my article on neck injuries:
and on recovery form injuries:  

Back and Neck Injury

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