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Hi when i was about 9 10 years old me and a friend were play fighting i was siting on the floor with my legs crossed he jumped on my neck he was bigger and heaver than i am he puled me down to the left side i heard a sound come from the right side from middle back up to my neck almost like a tearing sound.. it neve hurt or felt pain i left it neve had problems til my left side neck became really stuff i also became off balanced as i would lean to the left side so to comprimise i would stifen the right side to keep me up but this made my entire body stuff i could even feel it affecting my brain and right side eye vision becomes blury i took a x ray and saw that the t5 or t4 vertebrae is out of place and there where its out of place my spine leans to the left so it comes up staight then goes to the left becouse of this i think it may have caused me to get torticollis i also have trouble sleeping becouse i cant seem to relax my musscles from all the years of tensioning it i also dream alot and i see images comeing from my right brain when i dream becouse its not relaxing its like i have constant grip on it becouse i unconsionsly want to keep my spine straight i do it without trying it just happens sometimes when i sit then my whole face would be come tingly and feels like my muscles are shaking as if u would shock it wit electrisity sometimes my whole body please can you help me and suggest what i can do to get taht vertebrae back in place without it pincing eny nerves thank you!! sorry for the bad spelling my home lang is Afrikaans im from South Africa have a nice day:)..

Hi Dillon,

This sounds like a complicated situation. The only thing I could recommend would be to see a chiropractor for an evaluation and perhaps something can be done.

I wish I could be of more help and wish you the very best.

Kind regards,

Dr. Steve

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