Back and Neck Injury/piriformis syndrome???


hi gary,

i have been to countless different doctors since i fell square on my bottom in 2001.  i have had mri's and x-rays but have been told that they cannot see anything that would be causing my pain.  i haven't been able to sit without pain since then.

the pain goes across my lower right side (my piriformis muscle), across my hip, over the top of my thigh and down the inside of my thigh.

my right leg is shorter and i have what i believe to be, my iliac sticking out of my back on my right side.

i have gotten some relief from piriformis stretches, a si belt and a tens unit.  still, the pain persists.

my questions are:

which videos of yours do you recommend?

is it possible that this will be permanent since it has gone on so long?

thank you so much.

Hi Gail,

It sounds like my Sacroiliac Pain Relief Page,
and maybe my Middle Back Pain Relief Page,
might do the trick.

It sounds like you need to get your hips released for the upper portion of your pain, but then it seems like L2, L3 nerve pathways that are being affected and causing the thigh and inner thigh pain, so your middle/lower back being tight  might be affecting that L2,L3 area in your spine.

If the MRI's don't show anything "wrong" I think there is a very good chance this can be fixed.  It much less about how long you've had it than what is actually causing the pain, which sounds like it's inappropriately tight tissue.

You might also go through the main Lower Back Pain Relief page,
especially the "passive lower back stretch" that might actually help a lot.

You'll see there is a lot of overlap between the SI pain page, and the main lower back pain page, so it hopefully won't be as much work as you think.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Gary Crowley

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