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QUESTION: Hi Dr Ornstein,

Not sure if you can help. for 3 weeks i have had a dull pain around the right side of my lower throat (just above the adams apple and to the side). I went to an ENT and he examined my throat and felt my neck and glands and found nothing. However the pain is still there and is the most noticeable when i swallow food fast or too much of it and also when i twist my neck to the right. Do you have any idea what this could be? does it seem muscular in nature?  would appreciate any advice



ANSWER: Hi Russ,

I'm glad the ENT was negative. It sounds like there may be a bone spur or osteophyte from the cervical spine (neck) that could be placing some pressure in the throat, especially when you turn your head. While there are muscles that can cause this problem, it should resolve within a reasonable time. I would have x-rays taken of your neck to rule out any possible bone spurs that could be causing this, which usually results from arthritic changes or spondylosis. See if your primary doctor thinks this may be a possible course of action.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Steve

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QUESTION: Thanks Dr Steve! :)  What concerns me the most is that ive had it for 3 weeks with no improvement and that the onset was pretty abrupt.  Also my paranoid side has me concerned about throat cancer since my father died from that at the age of 40 and I am now 39.  Of course he was a heavy smoker and alcoholic, and I am not and take ridiculously good care of myself.  This really doesnt feel like anything with bones, it almost feels like there is something putting slight pressure on my throat from the outside of the passage way and in the opposite direction against the muscles..if that makes any sense whatsoever. I attached a pic with an arrow pointing to the region. Any additional feedback would be very much appreciated



Hi Russ,

I understand your concern. It would seem that your ENT would also understand this and recommend any further testing. Also, your primary might seek further testing. If you are not satisfied with the ENT evaluation, maybe your primary can send you to a different one for a second opinion.


Dr. Steve

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